goodbye NYC.

I am a native New Yorker & this is my home. but it is quickly disappearing at an alarming rate. there are glass monoliths everywhere!!! WHO wants these gigantic glass eyesores & who can afford them? certainly not most Native New Yorkers. Nope, not us.

not that long ago, our New York neighborhoods were charming, they had character. there were mom & pop shops, stores that were 1 of a kind. there were 5 storey walk-ups & penny-candy stores, small clothing shops like Melnikoff’s, homemade marzipan & gingerbread made at the Elk Candy Company in Yorkville, just to name a few. sadly, they’re gone. I grew up in the days of subway cars covered in black tags from markers on the inside & amazing, wonderful, colorful murals on the exterior. I also remember Keith Haring as a newbie, Basquiat as well.

I see Street Art as a living history. it is the expression of artists who live & breathe what they are creating, in the cities that they know. this Blog is my perspective of what I see changing in my city, my home. I find Street Art to tell the story of what once was. Street Art tells important stories.

I don’t have rose colored glasses on. NYC has had it’s share of problems. but this is exactly my point. regardless of what was going on, Graffiti was here.โœŒ๐Ÿผ


Bethย Alice



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